End-Year Gambits

These are my Hail Marys. All trades subject to change based on fear, greed, ignorance, hope, or margin calls.

1) Long USD in massive size (short JPY / Euro)
2) Long ES straddle
3) Short Crude
4) Long Nikkei (BOJ buys equities — yea… really).
5) Long BIDU

In Kuroda I trust. Maybe Abe too. Please don’t burn me bros.

Kuroda - BOJ

* 12/12/2014, 7:20 AM EST – After some reading, thinking, and praying… I’ve decided that we’ve bottomed. I took off the crude short, cut some puts on my straddle. I cut Long Nikkei for now, but will reenter closer to EOD.

Posting these quick changes is getting semi-tedious… so maybe tweeting is better realtime (@lrzhou)



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